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Why hasn’t anyone thought of a meaningful way to share photo and video collages? Oh wait. We have! Thank goodness for us. Kickpin enables users to assemble multiple types of media in the same location for a beautiful result that is uniquely yours. In true Kickpin style, the interface emphasizes a user-friendly experience (it’s so easy even your dog could do use it) while still allowing you to unleash your creativity in a way that has been limited by other apps. Kickpin users can design unique boards with images, videos, web pages and maps – bringing your creativity to an out-of-this-world kind of level.

Once you are finished making a beautiful board, you can easily share it with your friends and family (except your weird uncle or pestering aunt) through different social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Got something to hide? Don’t worry, you can create boards offline (and keep that trip to Vegas you don’t want the world to know about for your eyes only).

Kickpin is free to download. Although, if you feel like paying us after discovering how truly amazing it is, we probably wouldn’t say no. This much we know, Kickpin will be your first choice when it comes to sharing the memorable moments in your life.

How do I use Kickpin to create stunning collages, you ask?

After downloading Kickpin for free, select-hold any empty space on a board, then drag pins in intuitive ways to insert media. The more pins you connect on a board, the more space an image (or other media type) will use on the board. The way pins are connected identifies the type of media to be inserted. In other words, connecting pins in specific directions identify the media type and define the space it occupies.  Huh? You say.

Let’s break it down. To create a text box, you need to draw left to right, or if you draw a diagonal line you can add an image to your board. Drawing up, enables you to include a map and drawing in the opposite direction lets you input a web page.

It’s as simple as dragging and dropping! Try it a few times to get the hang of it and after that, the possibilities are endless. This makes Kickpin the only efficient way to assemble videos, images, text, maps and webpages into one share-friendly place!

Using Kickpin, the sky is the limit and you are free to go beyond your imagination. You define your own layout, create your own design and fill it with your own media. Ain’t nobody gonna tell you what to do.

Kickpin: Collage Maker – Features at a Glance:

  • Super user-friendly interface
  • Assemble your ideas and create unique boards
  • Supports multiple types of media: Photo, Video, Text, Webpage and Map
  • Share your collages across social media networks
  • Insert pictures from library or camera roll
  • Combine videos into awesome video collages
  • Create wonderful presentations and slideshows
  • Powerful photo editing tool
  • Add a map to your board and share the places you’ve been or would like to go
  • Fun for all ages and species
  • Costs nothing to download. Zip, Zero, Zilch!

Dance to the beat of your own drum and create eye-catching boards while you’re at it. The sharing feature lets you broadcast your creativity to the whole world, unless you want your creations all to yourself, that is. This photo collage maker app is designed for photographers, travelers, designers, artists and anybody who wants to show the world how they see their lives.

Kickpin enables you to tell the story of your adventures, create beautiful video stories, share the best moments of your wedding day, prepare the recipe of your favorite food, demonstrate the places you’ve been on your last trip and pin them on the map…and whatever else you think is worth sharing.

“Kickpin: Collage Maker” is available to download for free for iPad devices. We’re always trying to improve, so please let us know of any bugs you stumble upon and we’ll summon our terminator. We value your feedback and would love to know any features or suggestions.

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