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Hope you’ve been practicing your Spanish, because we have some news for you! In the latest and greatest edition, we have been featured in the Social Geek Startups. Check it out for yourself and make sure to have your Google Translate ready if you aren’t familiar with EspaÑol. We have been working hard to bring an out-of-this-world experience to our users (and creating fun collages along the way!)

If you’re behind in the times and need a catch up on all things KickPin, grab a beer and we’ll give you the scoop.

First and foremost, KickPin is a haven for all types of media – we like think of ourselves as an all-inclusive resort, if you will. All types of media are welcome at the Casa de KickPin. You can create collages using text, photos, videos, maps and even web pages. We weren’t lying when we said it was all-inclusive!

Here is where it really gets exciting – buckle your seatbelts, amigos! Gestural commands will allow you to insert a specific type of media and define the space it uses. For example, swipe to the right, you will insert a text box. Feeling a little lost? Draw upwards to insert a map and you’re heading in the right direction.

Once you are finished designing your beautiful board, you can easily share it with your friends and family through different social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The Showcase feature allows users to, you guessed it, showcase their designs through the app itself. Not in the sharing mood? That happens. Save private boards for your eyes only and keep your sacred secrets to yourself.

Templates or layouts are not required here. Salsa to the beat of your own drum and create your board the way you see fit! Still wondering about KickPin head to the app store and stalk us on social media for the latest updates.

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