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Photo Tips

For the KickPin newbies, you will find KickPin is a visually based app, which means good photos are key to creating a great board. As such, we have come up with a few photography tips and tricks to help you get the best board possible. Lighting Lighting is super important when you’re sharing photos whether […]

Pictures of Paris

5 Surprising Ways to use KickPin

If you don’t think you’re a collage person, think again. Connecting various types of media not only improves the design of your collage, but it amps up the usability as well! Take a look at a few of the ways we have been using KickPin: 1. Fashion Fashion a board with the latest styles trending [...]
video image edit and share

We’re Social

We like to root for the underdog because really, who doesn’t love a good ‘against-the-odds’ story?! Heck, the story of David and Goliath has been told for centuries, so we aren’t the only ones that cheer for the little guy. If you do too, you’ve got some news for you! The Sociable has kindly featured [...]
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We’re into Social Geeks

Hope you’ve been practicing your Spanish, because we have some news for you! In the latest and greatest edition, we have been featured in the Social Geek Startups. Check it out for yourself and make sure to have your Google Translate ready if you aren’t familiar with EspaÑol. We have been working hard to bring an [...]

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