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5 Surprising Ways to use KickPin

If you don’t think you’re a collage person, think again. Connecting various types of media not only improves the design of your collage, but it amps up the usability as well! Take a look at a few of the ways we have been using KickPin:

1. Fashion

Fashion a board with the latest styles trending from Fashion Week or any week, really! Piece together your favorite items with pictures or video. Then, because as if navigating the various aisles looking for the exact thing isn’t hard enough, let your followers know exactly which store you picked your new outfit from using a map. Fashion bloggers rejoice!

2. Food

Showcasing some new eats? KickPin allows you to illustrate your latest (and hopefully tastiest) recipe for those of us with zero cooking skills. Actions speak louder than words, so it is easy to add a video showing other users exactly what they need to do to master those culinary skills. Send your friends to the same spot you picked up your amazing ingredients as well!

3. Travel

While this might seem obvious, it’s definitely underrated. Share your adventures with friends and family by creating a board with photos, then take it to the next level! Add in maps to easily show others where your journey took you and the find places you visited along the way.

4. Animals

Fill a board with cute animals. What is more enticing than mass amounts of cute puppies? Or how about the internet’s favorite addiction?  That’s right.  Kittens.

5. Fitness

If you’re a newbie trying out the gym for the first time, it’s hard to find a program that is easy to use. With KickPin, users can share a workout list and videos of the proper form you need to get the most out of your workout. Add a map of the next workout in the park or group run as well.

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