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We like to root for the underdog because really, who doesn’t love a good ‘against-the-odds’ story?! Heck, the story of David and Goliath has been told for centuries, so we aren’t the only ones that cheer for the little guy. If you do too, you’ve got some news for you! The Sociable has kindly featured KickPin (in all our glory) as the new competitor for Pinterest. You can read for yourself here.

How is KickPin different from Pinterest, you ask?

Well, we aren’t entirely sure how the idea for Pinterest was conceived, but KickPin began after an African safari – it doesn’t get much cooler than that (though we may be a bit biased).

On the technical side, while KickPin is also a visual based app, there is far more freedom to create and design boards unique to the user. KickPinners are not confined to one type of media either.

Welcome to the all-inclusive, buffet style collage maker! You want a bit of text? Great, add it in with a quick swipe right. Oh, hello there web page. Don’t mind if I do… How about a big heaping spoonful of video? Sure thing! And to top it off? Images galore.

KickPin is for the visual storytellers of the world. We want to inspire users to craft collages using a variety of media – from maps, images and text, to web pages and videos, including streams from YouTube and Vimeo.

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